Welcome to the homepage of the Department of Radiology at
Seoul National University Hospital.

Over the past few years, medical technology and health care environment have been rapidly changing.

In parallel to the rapid changes, the field of radiology has also evolved to take a pivotal role in the early diagnosis, treatment response monitoring, and minimally invasive therapy for various diseases.

With the advance in medical technology, novel diagnostic and image-guided interventional treatment methods have emerged in the field of radiology, and more recently algorithms incorporating the artificial intelligence have been rapidly spreading over different fields of applications.

The most leading-edge diagnostic and therapeutic methods have been adopted by our experienced radiologists at Seoul National University Hospital to provide exceptional care for our patients.

The Department of Radiology at Seoul National University Hospital today includes outstanding healthcare providers comprising a total of 121 faculties (57 in main hospital, 33 in Bundang hospital, 18 in Boramae hospital, and 13 in Gangnam Center), and dedicated specialists such as doctors, radiologic technicians, and nurses are working in collaboration to provide the premier medical service to our patients.

For the facilities, we have the most up-to-date high-resolution 3T MR scanners, high-resolution CT scanners that guarantee excellent image quality at the minimal radiation dose, C-arm CT scanners capable of real-time tracing of lesions during interventional treatment, and cutting-edge US scanners including those capable of real-time image fusion between US and CT or MR images. In conjunction with the Department of Nuclear Medicine, we are also operating a state-of-the art whole-body PET/MRI scanner which display co-registered PET-MRI images after simultaneous scanning of PET and MRI.
Moreover, image interpretation of various body parts and interventional treatments for various tumors, vascular and non-vascular diseases are all performed by our specialized radiologists who are committed to excellence in patient care. We also perform the imaging acquisition, interpretation, and interventional treatments on night and weekends for our emergency patients.

In addition, the Department of Radiology at Seoul National University Hospital is one of the leading research groups in the world with 1,043 papers published over the period from 2013 to 2017.
Our expert radiologists are constantly pushing the boundaries of innovation by conducting numerous preclinical, transitional, clinical, and multidisciplinary studies to bring advances in development, clinical application, and validation of new imaging techniques.
Furthermore, we have merged the most advanced aspects of research and clinical care to maximize the treatment outcome and diagnostic accuracy while minimizing the patient’s discomfort and risk of complications.
In addition, our department has been supporting a variety of educational programs.

We have organized stimulating regular curriculums and hospital practice for our medical students to have them exposed to advanced imaging and interventional techniques as well as basic knowledge in radiology.

We also offer a comprehensive residency training program and specialized fellowship programs which enable our trainees to acquire in-depth knowledge in radiology. Beyond the academic knowledge and practical abilities, we are also devoted to training the next generation of physicians and scientific leaders by encouraging them to conduct preclinical and clinical studies under supervision of our faculties.

Lastly, we hope to share our excellence in healthcare, biomedical research, and medical education with you through your visit to our homepage.

Moon Hee Han, Professor and Chairman